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The Tick-falconiforme is a bird in the family Falconidae. One of the most known hawks Brazil. It is also known by the names of Caracara white, Caracaraí caracaratinga, carapinhé, chimango, hawk-pinhé, papa-screwworm, pinhé, pinhém, chimango white and chimango-Tick-and-chimango of the field and hawk-Tick-. It is found in Brazil.

It has about 40 cm high and 74 cm wingspan, head and creamy white body, dark brown dorsal stripe eye powders (eyebrow list) black, long wings with noticeable white spot when in flight. The tail is long with large dark brown stripe on the edge.

It feeds mainly of bovine and equine parasites such as ticks. While it looks ticks, their main course, feeds on caterpillars and termites, plunders nests, feeds on carrion, fruit and other options. In forest remnants predation large herbivores of parasites such as the tapir and deer. But these animals are not found easily, even in large numbers, so we can say that is one of the few species that benefit from deforestation for the formation of pastures and creation of large herds, as is the vast amount of ticks.

They build large nests of dry branches, palm trees or other trees. Eggs, 5-7, are round, brown-yellow with brown-red spots. The female takes care of the incubation and the male provides him food during this period. In falconiformes, the incubation time is between 4 to 8 weeks; after the birth of the puppies the male continues to feed the female and this, in turn, young people.

The Tick-is often found in cattle ranches, with whom live members, removing these ticks. It is often found removing ticks capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), because these animals because they live much of the time in the aquatic environment for protection turns out to be hosts of large quantities of ticks. Inhabits pastures, fields with scattered trees, city neighborhoods and highways margins. When in overflight, emits a high-pitched cry that sounds like "pinhé", similar to the corner of the hawk (Rupornis magnirostris).

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