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Saracura of the woods

Saracura of the woods

The saracura of the woods is a gruiforme bird in the Rallidae family. Also known as siricoia, saracura and saracura-the-swamp.
Aramides - the Aramus gender (Carão) + ide, Greek = similar, like; saracura - Tupi word for this species.

The saracura-eating fox is distinguished from other Shorebirds, and the blue-gray color in her womb, and on her head and neck. the male is slightly smaller than the female.

Clutches are eagerly consumed by Shorebirds, as noted in saracura-to-kill species (Aramides saracura), which feeds the eggs of the frog Filomedusa (Phyllomedusa distincta).

The nests are hidden, placed in general of medium height trees, supported by ma fork or some branch and houses a highly variable number of eggs: 1 to 14. The color of the eggs can be white or brownish, but also reddish, brown -acinzentada, most often painted with dark spots, which facilitates their camouflage. Are incubated for males and females, this activity they rotate for 15 to 30 days. Puppies are covered by thick down and eight weeks cord become independent.


It is found in forests and woodlands, preferring swampy and marshy areas and it is often difficult to see.

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