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The john-nut is a passerine bird in the Furnariidae family. Known also as captain of the crap, john-the-creek, john-suiriri, chief of-crap, tiriri, siriri and tridi.

His name means the (Greek) = lokomaios epithet for nightingale; and NEMA, nëmatos = wire; eouros = tail. ⇒ Nightingale wired tail.


It measures about 15 inches long. Beak long, slender and slightly curved. Dark brown above, with eyebrow white spots, more brown robe; black tail. Below, dark brown all painted in white, pink legs. Unmistakable.


Search stuck in swamps, removing the leaves with the nozzle. Sometimes looking for them also in the sties of mud and sewage, which earned him some of their popular names.


Nests in shaded ravines, digging with its beak a long gallery, in which the terminal end builds a spherical nest with side entrance, using roots and other bits of plants. Add 2 egg whites.


Inhabits the floor or thereabouts, in rainforests, mountains and forests in barns, but always in dense vegetation to running water Border rivers and streams, which can be rare or locally fairly common. Lonely lives and moves jumping the floor.

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