domingo, 1 de dezembro de 2013

SAÍRA widow

Saíra a widow

The widow had come out is a passerine bird in the tanager family.
Pipracidea = Pipra Genre - Tangara + acids, the Greek = appearance, aspect (reference to the beak of this bird resemble the Tangara); melanonota = Greek melas = black + = notos back, back.

It measures 15cm. The unmistakable light blue shiny top of the head, the black mask and the yellow-rufous bottoms. The female and immature have the mask sketchy or absent.

It feeds on fruits and insects that are harvested in the treetops, on the trunk and branches. Capture butterflies through short and quick flight in midair.

The nest is made with mosses, about 15-20 feet high, hidden among epiphytes, on a tree branch.

It inhabits forests, salt marshes and sometimes in semi-open landscapes. Are seen alone or in pairs. Are part of the large number of birds that gather in the fruit trees standing out for its colorful.

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