domingo, 1 de dezembro de 2013

Flycatcher Flycatcher

Flycatcher Flycatcher

The Flycatcher-Flycatcher is a passerine bird in the family Rhynchocyclidae. Also known as sebinho, shit-tallow, Tody, Tody-Flycatcher-Flycatcher, Rufous-christ, marrequinha, Pope-tallow, duckling and sebinho-Flycatcher-Flycatcher.

It is the smallest species of the genus Todirostrum, is a very small flycatchers, approximately 9 cm, easily recognizable by the yellow stain on loro. The sharp contrast between the dark bluish-gray head with yellow ventral part draws attention when observed. The eyes are yellow-gold, highlighted against the dark area of the head.

Hunting invertebrates among the foliage canopy and down to 2 meters above ground. Like its counterparts, feeds on small fruits and capture insects in mid-air.

Builds the nest hanging in a twisted about 30 cm on the tips of branches (pendulum).

Of slight movements, almost never stands still. Typical of the Atlantic slope of eastern Brazil.

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