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Weaver is a passerine bird Icteridae.Também family is known simply as soldier, or by blackbird, nhapim, handle, sergeant and japim soldiers.

It has about 20.5 centimeters. It is slender, long, black tail. Has rump and upper middle coverts the yellow color of sulfur wings. Its beak is light gray-blue, the iris is white or light brown. It has a nasal voice: "Wed-ä". Melodious singing of great beauty, timbre recalling the Oriole, eg "du Dúlio di-di", repeated unhurried.

Their food is mixed. With its pointed beak, looking for food in fruits, sprouts, curled leaves, flowers, combs, rotten wood, and others.

Builds a nest stock, with black vegetable hair. Fabric with a precision of a machine, the nest is 58 inches long. Generates on average two litters per season, with 3 eggs each.

Can be found inside the forest. He lives alone, couples. When singing is sometimes hanging on the branch, like certain species of Japu; when she sings on the branch makes bows, so it is called in some localities of "Blackbird monjolo".

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