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Pepper beak

Pepper beak

The pen-and-pepper, also known as drummer, is a passerine bird in the tanager family. Formerly known by the scientific name Saltator atricollis.

It measures about 20 inches long, has a black mask and anterior neck, upper parts brownish gray with anilados reflections especially on the back and wings, the bottoms are light yellowish gray. The pinions are black with white interior edges. The rectrices are black, the beak is thick and reddish orange. The female has the same colors but more attenuated, the beak is pale red. Young presents the tops, head and neck previous browns, anegrado beak and bottoms ridged.

It feeds on seeds and arthropods.

In the breeding season, the nest is made of the cup on the tree branches or grass bushes is made with twigs, stems and herbs and the cavity is lined with grass stalks. The female lays 2 to 3 eggs 13 days incubation medium. Are 2 to 3 offspring per year.

Inhabits the savanna, savanna, savanna and adjacent fields.
Live in small groups or in pairs, running collective shouting at dawn in search of food in the bushes.

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