domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013



Cardinal-the-amazon is a passerine bird in the tanager family. Also known as cock-of-meadow-of-amazon, cardinal and tanager.

Measured 16.5 cm in length. No sexual dimorphism. Immature his head and tops brown, cinnamon throat.


The Cardinals are territorial during the breeding season. Makes a nest of thin walls, cupped in on the water, in marshy areas. Add 2 or 3 white-green eggs with brown spots, and 2-4 litters per season. The chicks hatch after 13 days.

It is common in bushes and open areas on the edge of rivers and lakes, ponds, streams and lawns near waterways in urban areas of the Amazon, as the banks of the Rio Guama in Bethlehem. He lives in pairs or in small family groups often flying low over the water or perched on dead tree trunks.

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