quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2013

The bush OWL


The Murucututu is a Strigidae family Strigiforme. Also known as Owl, Owl-throated black, Owl of the woods and Mocho-forester.

It is approximately 48 cm long. Owl without "ears", compared with pure white design, (unlike P. koeniswaldiana), chest with a brown ribbon, white uniform belly or yellow, orange or yellow iris. White fluff puppy, black facial disk.

It has a large list of predated species ranging from insects, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals (including bats) and birds.

Nests in tree holes, putting 2 egg whites.

Common in tall forests, secondary forests and gallery forests, although it is seen only occasionally. It is mainly nocturnal, while they may be active during cloudy days. Resting at heights ranging from 2 m top of the crown.

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