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Martin Green fisherman

Martin Green fisherman

The kingfisher-green is a bird in the Alcedinidae Coraciiforme family, also called kingfisher-green and kingfisher tie (RS).
Chloroceryle - the khloros = green + Greek gender Ceryle = bird in the eamazona Cerylidae family - plenty of this in the local river Amazon refers to where it was described (Cayenne, French Guiana).
The kingfisher-green is the Florianópolis city bird symbol, SC, according bylaw No. 3887/92.

It measures 29.5 cm. Green-metallic tops, often appearing as a bluish gray; necklace, starting from the base of the beak, and lower parts white or yellowish in female; male with rusty chest area and being the female has the same stained area of green; striated flanks.

It feeds mainly on fish. To catch them using a low perch, close to the shallow water, and then capture the small fish that appear on the surface. They feed also of freshwater shrimp and occasionally of frogs and aquatic insects. Can hover in the air to dive in open water. The male to female provides food for the court.

During the breeding season, the male and the female dig the nest into a ravine that borders a stream or close to it; the tunnel measuring 1 to 2 meters and ends in the chamber where the eggs are placed spanning approximately 34 of 27 millimeters. Incubation is female task at night and shared by the couple during the day. The chicks leave the nest with 29 or 30 days old. The couple often stays together for years.

Attends inland waters, rivers and large lakes, being unusual in marine shore. Fly close to the water surface. Perches on low branches, hidden by dense foliage, passing unnoticed, because in the shadows their green plumage takes on darker shades. Alisa the pileus of feathers with the meeting of the wings and the tail swings vertically as other kingfishers.
Voice: "krad", "Katch"; sequence of whistles "it ... tji ... TJU-tze-tze ... TJU-tze" (singing, both sexes).

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