quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2013

little bride

little bride

The little Bride (Xolmis irupero), also popularly known as Viuvinha and Viuvinha-Alegre, is a passerine bird in the Tyrannidae family.

It measures about 18 inches and is almost all white. Only primary pinions (tip pens wings) and the tip of the tail feathers are black; are also black beak and legs.

Come essentially picking insects in flight with good technique: part of a branch where the inn, cops arrested in daring pirouettes and back to his perch.

It makes its nest in hollow trees and abandoned nests of John-of-Clay. Add about 3 eggs that hatch only the female for approximately two weeks. The chicks are fed by both parents, who bring them food in its beak.

Sifting know very well, keeping the same point in the air, flapping wings like the hummingbirds. In the dry savanna against blue sky stands out for the whiteness of its plumage and its extreme elegance of flight. It is one of the most beautiful birds of the northeastern hinterland.

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