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bird Whisper

bird Whisper

The Whisper is a passerine bird in the family Furnariidae.

Measures 20 cm in length. Has distinct plumage and graduated tail ending in spines.


How do certain Synallaxis, nest, cylindrical in shape, is built on isolated trees and composed of twigs decorated with snake skins and, when available, with bags and various plastic packaging. You can build a nest next to what was used in a previous year or even build it on that, forming huge structures of dry twigs. Up to eight individuals can meet the same nest on social nesting process although it is not sure whether only one or more females lay their eggs in these nests. Sometimes it makes the nest also in wire fences fences or light poles. Its nest, then abandoned, is widely used by other birds and rodents.

Kind of semi-open areas, such as dry forests, pastures, rocky fields of the Sierra vine. Expands its distribution in the Southeast with deforestation, though its population is left floating in new newly settled areas.

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