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inhambu Chororó

Like any tinamídeo, has limited ability to fly the small span of the wings, but it is a very shy bird. Tupi is the popular name "Inhambu: of which raises the flight rustling" due to behavior taking off only as a last resort in a huddle.
The inhambu Small-billed Tinamou is the smallest of the genus (approximately 19 centímentros). Inhabits the "dirty" fields, barns, pastures currency, crops (maize, sorghum, cotton and coffee, among others). Also known as Lambu, inhambu-Mirim, amazes cattle-bill seal and inhambuzinho. Since most Tinamiformes is heard more than seen, therefore, difficult birds to be photographed. One of the most common Tinamiformes of Brazil, after acodorna yellow (spotted Nothura).

Very similar to inhambu-Chinta, has reddish brown body (pale), with part of the back, belly and gray belly. Canyon same tone the chest. Red legs and red beak. Its song is a series of notes in descending scale, long hoot (Example: peep long) or too short peep (short peep)
Females, and slightly larger than males, have the fully crimson beak. In males the beak has the blackened tip.

It feeds on various small seeds (native or cultivated), insects and worms. Looking small arthropods and molluscs that hide in rotting foliage mat; saw leaves and rotten sticks with the nozzle in search of food, never esgravatando the ground with their feet as do the chickens. Swallow sand grains.
The males are responsible for incubating the eggs and caring for the nestlings.
The egg is colored light-pinkish chocolate by placing 4-5 eggs per brood. Incubation lasts 19-21 days.
It reproduces easily and with great productivity in conservation breeding or amateurs. There are even studies, given that the high productivity in captivity in experimentally evaluate it as cut and ornamental bird on a large scale.

The inhambu Small-billed Tinamou vocalizes usually at dawn and at dusk. In areas where it occurs, the piados daytime identify poachers hunt them through wooden whistles.

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