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Sabia of the forest

Sabia of the forest

The Rufous-the-woods is a passerine Turdidae family. Also known as carachué-of-capoeira (Amazon), hat-leatherback, Rufous-Bahia, Rufous-pardão, pardão-da-Bahia, thrush thrush and-true-red.

It is approximately 24 cm long. The main feature is the uniform brown color, the more reddish on the sides and chest. White belly in the center, same color as the base of the tail, below. The striated throat is less noticeable than in other species. Dark beak.
Do not show sexual dimorphism only differentiating taken out of the corner, which is characteristic of males. The corner of this species is considered one of the most beautiful of all our birds.

Omnivore. Their food is similar to the Rufous-bellied Thrush.

It reaches sexual maturity at 12 months. Nests in the branches in thick branches, stumps or oblique trunks covered with epiphytes, bromeliads and sometimes on bounds. The female lays eggs 2 to 3 and has 2 to 4 positions per station. The young are born after 13 days of incubation.

Varies uncommon to locally common in and the edges of forests, especially in swampy areas and floodplains, up to the middle and lower strata. Also found in cocoa plantations and adjacent clearings. It is a kind rarely seen, with more detected by his corner. Lives in pairs, jumping on the floor or in its vicinity.

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