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true Parrot

true Parrot

The Blue Fronted Amazon is a Psittaciforme parrot in the Psittacidae family. Also known as Ajuru-like, Curau parrot commonplace, Puffin curau parrot-of-forehead-blue parrot-Greek, Kite-Bahia, Angel's Trumpet (Mato Grosso) and Bay, as indeed are called all domestic parrots in our country.
There is ranked no threat category globally.

Measures 35-37 cm. long and weighs about 400g. If dintingue by yellow head, with blue-green forehead and cheek, dark nostrils, red shoulders outlined in yellow, with red wing part and dark blue extremes. Rest of the body usually green, lighter between the belly and tail. His voice is typical: "krik-kiakrik-krik-krik", "kreo". It is known to be a good "talkative".
The subspecies A. a. aestiva, Bolivia, has more extensive yellow face and the shoulder is mostly yellow with a small red part. The color of the iris of adults is yellow-orange in the male or the female red-orange, which highlights a thin red outer ring, the immature have uniform brown iris. The beak is black adult male.

It feeds on seeds and native fruits.

Usually play in holes of eroded rocks or cliffs. The chicks remain in the nest for about 2 months. The breeding season is from September to March. It takes 5 years to reach adulthood.

Inhabits rainforests, savannas, gallery forest, cultivated areas with trees and forests with palm trees, up to 1,600 m. Common in pairs or flocks. Male and female fly so close together that the couple seems to be a great and fabulous bird of four wings, which is observed even when they are in a pack. The best defense you have is stand still and silent. It is often "left-handed", which is why the left foot is better developed. Yawning occasionally. To sleep meets in flocks.

Due to the "gift of speech," the Blue-fronted Parrot is much sought after by men, to serve as a pet bird. Hundreds of them are captured and sold illegally in fairs and markets.

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