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true Uirapuru

true Uirapuru

Also known as horn, musician, musician-the-woods, Irapuru, uira-Puru, and uirapuru, uirapuru-true is a passerine bird of Troglodytidae family.

There are two distinct subspecies, of which:
Cyphorhinus plowed plowed the most common, Measures 12 cm, has white stripes on the back and is clearer
Cyphorhinus modulator plowed, have the ridged back of brown, measures 12.5 cm and has the most melodious song that first.

Moves jumping on the floor, along with tangles of vegetation, capturing insects also sheets. Eventually follows ants-of-correição and sometimes joins other species of uirapurus in their quest to insects. It feeds also fruit.

Any covered nest where the female lays 2 to 4 egg whites, which open after 15 days. Parents take turns to feed the nestlings. These after leaving the nest, still maintain contact with the family for some time.

It is locally common in the lower stratum of rainforests, especially on the mainland, but also in lowland forests. Live in pairs or in small groups. It is very famous for its melodious and pleasant corner, one of the most beautiful forest. The species usually sing only during the breeding season is from mid September to October. Sings well jaunty only 15 or 20 days a year for this occasion. In the remaining days only chirps or flame.

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