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The gray-eagle is a bird accipitriforme Accipitridae family. Also known as crowned eagle. Formerly known as Harpyhaliaetus coronatus.
Currently this species is very threatened, consisting in red books of endangered animals from all states that it occurs, including lying on the list of endangered species drawn up by IBAMA. The advancement of agriculture, distortion of their habitat and indiscriminate slaughter are the main causes of the current situation of this powerful bird.
It is a naturally rare accipitriforme, besides being kind of large size, which requires large areas and significant attached to form feeding and reproduction areas. In preferred semiflorestados opened or habitat becomes easy target game, since it is considered harmful to create certain domestic animals. Flies paths and gallery of the cerrado. Lands on top of buritis where emits a thin voice alarm.

The eagle-gray is a major Accipitriformes found in Brazil, reaching 75-85 cm and weighing up to 3.5 kg. The adult has a lead-gray plumage overall, with plume-shaped crown and short tail with a single gray stripe.

Their diet consists of mammals (skunks, rabbits, armadillos, voles, etc.), birds and reptiles, but also consumes fallen (sheep, chickens and others).

In the reproductive period puts a unique egg white with gray or yellow spots.
Outside the breeding season solitary lives. Usually lurking on a branch high up in the trees. Its nest is built with twigs on the edge of paths.

Live solitary or in pairs, inhabiting the Natural Campos, the Cerrado and Caatinga. Spends most of the day hostel in fences, termite mounds, posts, etc.

Generally issues vocalizations and reluctant to leave his perch when disturbed (Brown & Amadon, 1989).

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