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bearded brindle

bearded brindle

The bearded-brindle is a bird in the galbuliforme Bucconidae family. It is also known by john-bearded names, bearded, jururu, bole bole and-john-crazy. It is endemic to Brazil.

It measures about 20 cm long, with tops, head and dark brown streaked with ocher robe; white throat with a black band below; lower brown-gray parts with superior dyed ocher chest; "Comma" white the nozzle base.

It feeds on insects and small arthropods, and may the ground looking for food. Follow ants and the accompanying mixed flocks of birds.

To nest dig a gallery on uneven ground or ravine, giving in incubatória lined chamber with some grass and dry leaves. The entrance is sometimes camouflaged with leaves and branches piled by the birds. Add 2-3 gleaming white eggs.

Dwells inside the dark woods where there is plenty of fallen leaves, edge of primary and secondary forests lined with tall grasslands, bamboo groves and glades in the Atlantic Forest and residual forests mesophilic the Southeast, even small. In Maranhão, lives on dry land forests, in the understory. Engages the tail sideways while perched. Found lonely or in pairs.
Voice: thin whistle that could well be a small flycatcher, "Bia, Bia, Bia" ..., horizontal sequence of 10 and more pious. Silences most of the year.

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