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woodcreeper green

woodcreeper green

The Woodcreeper green is a passerine bird in the family Dendrocolaptidae Aka woodcreeper Grey-headed, agouti-of-cock-and small vine.

Measures 15 cm in length. Small nozzle and straight, barely noticeable and different from other woodcreepers. The middle of the back and tail are brown reddish, with the head and the rest of the olive gray back. The belly and breast are dark gray. When flying from a trunk to another, under good lighting conditions, appears yellowish band in flight feathers across the middle of the long wing feathers.

Catch insects on the bark and small holes in the trunk. Are associated with other birds following army ants, catching insects amazed by hunting ants.

Reproductive habits ...

The lower woodcreeper of the forests, cerradões and dry forests. Living alone or in couples. They have a long call, acute pious accelerated at the beginning and at the end downward, very characteristic. Remember, rather, the duet of Rufous-clay duration, acceleration and decrease.

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