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Rusty-collared swamp

Rusty-collared swamp

The Rusty-collared swamp is passerine bird in the Emberizidae family. Also known as bird basking and collar-the-wild.

Measures approximately 11.5 cm. Species fine and blunt and black beak. The male plumage has complicated black and white pattern or black and yellowish-cinnamon. Ups and sides of the black head with two small stains above and white below-eye, previous back, black wings and tail, gray back back, broad black breast band, white speculum and throat. The rest of the plumage both can be almost pure white as well pronounced cinnamon.

It feeds on grains and seeds.

Nests on cup shape. Each litter is generally between 2 and 3 eggs having 2 to 4 litters per season. The chicks hatch after 13 days.

He lives in the swamps of high vegetation. Like rubbing the sides of the head above the eyes, keeping them closed. Sleep in high grasslands, taboais and reeds.

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