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Pope southern Taoca

Pope southern Taoca

The Pope-Taoca south-passerine bird is the Thamnophilidae family.

It is about 17 cm. The male is shiny black, and red eyes. Lily has two bars on the wing and hidden white dorsal area. The female is brown with lighter and lower parts with the same hidden male macula. Usually send 4-6 resonant whistles.

It feeds on insects capture in low vegetation and soil.

Its nest is a large and closed ball (about 10 inches in diameter) of dried leaves and roots, seated on the ground with lateral-top entry.

Live the little time in the woods, in secondary vegetation and also close to dwellings. Your nervousness can be seen by the movement of the tail and the pileus. Usually lower and raise the tail slowly. Moves by predominantly jumping and jumping, either by Ramaria or soil. It is a frequent follower of army ants, and their presence in a given area is the best indication of the presence of these formigas.Vocalizam especially in twilight hours, however, to find army ants often vocalize incessantly, possibly indicating to the location of other birds correição.

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