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Woodpecker yellow head

Woodpecker yellow head

The woodpecker-headed yellow (Celeus flavescens) is a bird in the Picidae family, also known as head-of-old, john-old, woodpecker yellow, woodpecker blonde, Cock-tariff old woodpecker head-to-fire. It stands out for showy yellow tuft that gives rise to most of their popular names.
His name means the (Greek) keleus = green woodpecker; and (Latin) flavus, flavescens = yellow, which comes from gold, golden. ⇒ (woodpecker with yellow crest - (Latham, 1782)).

It is approximately 27 cm long. Head and yellow face, with prominent tuft of the same color; male with red malar range. Black tops, barred white and uniformly black bottoms. It has very variable coloring geographically, with forms:
Southern (ssp flavescens.) yellow;
Northern (ssp. ochraceus) is caramel with bars tops reduced to stains.

It feeds on insects, their larvae and eggs, ants and termites in the trees or on the ground and a wide variety of fruits and berries. It has been documented taking nectar from flowers of two species of canopy plants, Spirotheca passifloroides (Bombacaceae) and Schwartzia brasiliensis (Marcgraviaceae) in the Atlantic Forest of southeastern Brazil. Spirotheca passifloroides blooms for three months in the winter, whereas S. brasiliensis blooms for two months in the summer. The flowers of both species produce abundant nectar and diluted. Visits several flowers per plant touching the anthers and stigmas with the head and neck, thus acting as pollinator.

It builds its nest in cavities excavated in arboreal nests and dry trees, where it puts 2-4 gleaming white eggs. The male incubates and cares for puppies too.

He lives in the Atlantic Forest, mesophile forests, dry forests, Araucaria forests, gallery forests, savanna, cerrado, eucalyptus, parks and wooded countryside. Found usually in pairs or families 3 to 4 individual groups.
Voice: strongly downward frequency and resonant, with well pronounced syllables and highlighted "tzu (tzu)" (territorial corner); "Tttrrr" (anger). Patters in rapid succession.

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