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The Manakin is a passerine bird in the family Pipridae. Also known as "Burnished-licuria" and Crackler (MG) and Tangara Arco Iris (some regions of Santa Catarina).

The male measures 12.5 cm and the female 11cm including prolonging the tail. Presents the typical sexual dimorphism of the genre, with the male having four colors: white, green, black and red, in a very clear pattern; the female is olive gray parts in the upper and sides of the head and throat, with the tail extending less than the core. Displays calling or called in sharp tone, and attends shaded areas to middle and low vegetation height.

It feeds on berries that whole swallows (typical of Pipridae) and small insects. Enjoying Michelia champaca (Magnolia-yellow).

It nest cup-shaped, with 2 to 3 eggs. Presents mating display; where the male performs a dance in front of the female, and performs a "see-saw" a branch to another, remembering the act of sewing; which earned him the regional name on the southern coast of São Paulo, as "tanager-lace-maker".
During mating display, and even outside it, Ilicura militaris emits sounds amazing with its special feathers on short flights. The resemble the sounds passing to forcefully and quickly, a rod of a metal grid.

Varies uncommon to locally common in the lower and middle strata of rainforests and high barns. Normally lives alone, being observed more frequently feeding on fruit trees and bushes, on the edges of forests.

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