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The petrim is a passerine bird in the family Furnariidae.

It stands out for reddish brown the top of the head, wings and tail, making contrast to the olive brown body. Light gray ventral area. Between the nozzle and the top of the red head is another trademark of the species, olive brown forehead. A clearer eyebrow stripe appears in good light and orange yellow eyes, surrounded by some lighter gray feathers.

Their food consists of insects and their larvae, spiders, harvestmen and other arthropods, molluscs etc.

Like other furnarídeos, the couple uses the nest for much of the year, either for reproduction, be it for overnight stay. Maintains contact with low called and reproductive period (July-December) issue his call high, translated by common names.
Constructs typical of the genus nest, a ball of sticks of various sizes, placed on fork and inside a bush, with a side tube of the same material.

Lives in pairs in the bushes of the Cerrado, large Cerrado and dry forests. Always appears in the dry parts of the riparian forest.
His voice is composed of two notes, the second highest, and the corner repeated continuously, especially in the early morning.

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