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The lapwing (Brazil) or Abib-the-south (Portugal) [Vanellus chilensis (Molina, 1782)], also known as Tetéu thy-thy, they have-and it amazes cattle, is a bird of the order Charadriiformes , belonging to the family Charadriidae. In Spanish is known for tero teru-teru or común, and English as southern lapwing. It occurs in all of South America and some parts of Central America, and is a very popular bird turned out to be part of the folklore of various regions.

It measures 37 cm, weight 277 grams. It has a pointed, bone spur, with 1 inch long at the meeting of the wings, a black belt from the neck to the chest and still a long sentences (plume) in the back of the head, has a flashy design in black, white and gray in plumage. The iris and legs are reddish. The spur is displayed to rivals or enemies with a wing lift or during the flight. Male and female are similar.
Voice: "tero-tero". This sound is heard day and night.

The lapwing feeds on aquatic invertebrates and fish lying in the mud. To capture them, he stirs the mud with their feet to cause the escape of their prey. Also feeds on arthropods and terrestrial molluscs.

In the spring, the female usually lays three to four eggs. Nest in a cavity esgravatada the soil; eggs have the top or pear shape, form suitable for rolling around its own axis and not sideways, with stained, mingling perfectly with the ground. When adults are amazed to pretend to be injured nest to divert away the enemy; male, aggressive becomes even a man. Puppies are nidífugos: able to leave the nest almost immediately after peeling the egg.

Usually live in wetlands and grasslands; is seen on roads, soccer fields and near farms, often far water. The lapwing is always the first to raise the alarm when an intruder invades its domain. It's a feisty bird that causes quarrel with any other resident species in the same meadow. Capybaras take good advantage of living with the lapwing, because, as the intonation, the cry of the bird can mean danger. Then the large rodents seek refuge in the water.
This characteristic makes the lapwing an excellent guard dog, being used by some companies that have their industrial park populated by these birds.

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