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The Cardinal of the northeast is a passerine bird in the tanager family. It is also known as cock of the meadow, head-to-tape and red-head.

It measures about 17.2 centimeters. Plumage of red, short and erect head, especially in the male's neck. Gray upper parts except the previous back which is composed of black and white feathers at the apex to the base, which gives the set a scaly appearance of black and white. Rear back and upper coverts of black spotted wings; anegrada jaw, light gray jaw.
No sexual dimorphism. The youth represents the parties brown-anegradas upper and rusty throat.

Predominantly granívora with adaptation to consumer very bitter seeds and fruits in human standards of northeastern Example: hog plum (Spondias purpurea) and cashew (Anacardium occidentale). Crush the seed. = Preferred grass seed. Temporary and occasionally become insectivores.
To eat, walk and hops picking seeds in the soil stem itself. Learn to eat in artificial feeders and can become very docile when used.

When playing live strictly to couples being extremely loyal to a territory defended by macho.Atinge sexual maturity at 10 months. Each litter is generally between 2 and 3 eggs having 2 to 4 litters per season; in the caatinga region only plays once in the year, which is exactly in the rainy season. The chicks hatch after 13 days.
Usually sing soon to dawn, making true dawns morning, although this behavior is only observed during the reproductive period

It inhabits low forest sparse and well sunny (savanna); banks of rivers (cerrado). One of the most typical birds of the Northeast of Brazil.
some Notes

It is one of the species most paid heavy toll on the illegal trade in wild birds.
Was introduced in the Southeast

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