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Pope-caterpillar-ribbed cuculiforme is a bird in the Cuculidae family. Also known as cucu (Rio Grande do Sul) and papa-caterpillar.

This species has orange color in the belly, dark gray color on the back and his tail alternating black and white. Rabilonga bird. The juvenile plumage has a yellowish color in the womb. It measures 28.3 cm.
Its song is well established as a ventriloquist, "ga-ga-ga-go-go"; having a decreasing sequence of eight "Goa", snorting (corner); growl monosyllabic, vocalizes also at night.

It feeds on grasshoppers, bugs, spiders, millipedes. Prey too large and hairy stinging caterpillars, lizards and mice.

The couple built a small nest, which can remind dove's nest; sometimes a female spawning in another's nest. The eggs are green uniform.

Common in the middle stratum of tall forests, wetlands, barns and gallery forests. Normally lives alone, hidden in their habitat, apparently migrating during the winter in some regions (as in Rio de Janeiro).
Occasionally lands in more exposed locations, such as fences, wires and tangled vegetation in forest edges.

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