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Maria rusty tail rider

The maria-rider-tailed-rusty is a passerine bird in the Tyrannidae family. This species is popularly known as maria-rider-tailed-rusty, rusty color due to their rectrices and pinions feature.

About 1/3 larger than the other species of the genus, has the tail feathers with a broad brown board inside (the juvenile genus have a narrow range on both sides and tip). In the closed wings, a brown reddish line in flight feathers of the outermost part. These characteristics require excellent light to be noticed. Measures approximately 22cm.

Like the other birds of the genus, the land looking for insects in flight hunting. Before flying, located them with slow movements of head, keeping the feathers of the head and ruffled semi-chat. In addition to insects, feeds on the larvae and fruits.

Live alone or in couples of reproductive age. Called fast (like a sob), the best way to identify it after learned. In the reproductive period (August to December), several quick sounds, looking improvise at a time.
The nest, hidden in holes in trees or cacti, is made with twigs, mammal hairs and changes snakeskin. In it are put 3 creamy white eggs with violet spots.

It occurs in all forested environments, being more common in dry forest and savanna. Appears in the areas of denser vegetation. But also on the edge of woods, fields with scattered trees and caatingas.

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