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The snipe is a bird in the charadriiforme Scolopacidae family. It is also called by the following common names: crouching, agachadeira, Atim, Semipalmated Plover, berrumeira, beak-rail, skimmer, pointed, windproof, water tower torch, torch Moorhen sweet, minjolinho, Monjolinho, snipe, snipe-girl, narcejinha, boy, boy and ripping shroud.

The adult is between 27-29 cm long and weighs 110 g. It has short, gray-green legs. It has long, straight beak, dark back with yellow bands. There is a dark stripe through the eyes, with light stripes above and below it.

It feeds mainly on insects and worms, as well as plant material.

The male performs a "tweet" during courtship, flying high in circles and then dives into shallow water to produce a distinctive sound. The call is like a scraping "tssk".
The nest is a well hidden depression in the ground. Both parents incubate the two yellow eggs for about 19 days to hatching, the chicks leave the nest soon after birth.

Live in damp and swampy environments.

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