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Pula pula Whistler

Pula pula Whistler

The pogo stick Whistler is a passerine bird in the family Parulidae.
Scientific name: Basileuterus leucoblepharus⇒ bird dressed as a king of white eyelids.

14,5cm. It has gray pileus, lined with anegrado, eye ring and white supra-loral, white underneath, gray flanks, lower tail coverts of yellow, olive on top. The song, often, is an ethereal sequence of crystalline notes that begin very acute and go down, liquid and almost magical quality.

Insectivorous. Search your preferred food in the soil or too low in the branches.

The members of the couple remain separate, but within earshot in its territory. Install their nest, which is similar to that described for B.culicivorus under fallen logs in soil or trees base. Surprised in its nest, the adult moves away to little hops, with drooping wings on 'display', as if hurt, trying to attract, so the viewer's attention.

Characteristic inhabitant of sub-groves of tall hills covered in forest, southeast and adjacent wet weather, occurring up to 1600 meters in the Mountain range and the Sea, for example, often also in taquarais. Espéciesemiterrícola, a short time or in the soil which move around in long leaps. Emits a faint whirring of wings when moving between the vertical puleiros.

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