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Sabia collar

Sabia collar

The White-necked Thrush is a passerine bird in the Turdidae family. It is also known as Thrush-leash.
His name means the (Latin) albus, white and albis = collis, collum, collared = neck, neck, necklace - (Thrush has the neck or collar).

It is approximately 22 cm long. Presents subtle sexual dimorphism adult females slightly larger than males, and its main differentiation made only out of the corner, which is characteristic of males.
Thick neck blast of black, and under this, quite clear white spot, white abdomen and flanks and lower coverts of the rusty color of wings. Eyelids and yellow jaws.
His singing has smooth stanzas, prolonged and uninterrupted; Simple low amplitude reasons.

Omnivorous bird. It feeds on fruits and follows ants-of-correição.

It reaches sexual maturity at 10 months. Nests similar to other thrushes. Each litter usually has between 2 and 3 blue-green eggs with brown spots, and 3-4 litters per season. The chicks hatch after 13 days.

It is common in the lower and middle strata of rainforests and high barns, both in the lowlands and in the mountains. Solitary or in pairs lives, jumping on the floor. It is difficult to observe.

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