quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013

Opens gray head wing

Opens gray head wing

Also known as open-wings-of-bellied and supi-to-head-gray, the open-winged-headed gray (Mionectes rufiventris) is a bird of Rhynchocyclidae family.

It is characterized by having the entire head and gray throat and tracks without wings. It measures an average of 13 inches long. Its song is very characteristic, consisting of a downward and accelerated sequence "has, you, you, you, you, ..."

It feeds on fruits and arthropods. Enjoying Michelia champaca (Magnolia-yellow).

This species presents arena playback system in which several males delimit small territories and vocalize frequently to attract the female for mating.

It inhabits humid subtropical or tropical lowland forests and subtropical or tropical high-altitude wetlands. Move the wings at short intervals as if it were raising them.

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