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The breathing mask-of-black is a Conopophagidae of passerine. Also known as suck-tooth shade.


It is endemic to the Atlantic Forest and measures about 11.5 cm long. The male and the female have different plumage mainly in the head (the female has a white streak on the eyes) and the coloring of the lower parts (gray in the male and the female rufous-orange). There are two subspecies. The subspecies Conopophaga melanops melanops occurs in southern and southeastern Brazil, while Conopophaga melanops nitidifrons is unique to the northeastern Atlantic Forest.


It feeds on insects basically.


Constói the nest with dry leaves bowl-shaped shrubs or small trees a few meters from the ground, usually puts 2-3 eggs being shocked by the couple.


Varies uncommon to locally common, inhabiting the lower stratum of rainforests of coastal lowlands of the Serra do Mar and adjacent mature secondary forests. Visit secondary forests and capoeira edges, solitary or in pairs, usually near the ground.

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