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Woodpecker OF PARNAIBA

Woodpecker of the Parnaíba


The woodpecker of the Parnaíba is a bird in the Picidae family piciforme. Beautiful bird, recently "rediscovered" in Tocantins after 80 years missing.

His name means the (Greek) keleus = green woodpecker; and obrieni = honor of the American ornithologist Charles E. O'Brien (1905-1987). ⇒ Woodpecker O'Brien.


It measures 27 cm. Rusty head, and the male has malar band and red tuft; chest and tail black; ferrugíneas wings; back top yellow scaly black, lower back and lower parts yellowish.


Foraging in forested areas with bamboo (Guadua sp) and embaubais, mainly feeding on ants, primarily Camponotus of Genres and Azteca.


Couples were found with just a puppy in Tocantins, had dark feathers on the head and the reddish-brown tuft. The reproductive period in the region is between July and October.


Unknown habits.

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